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Kutalmish (alternative spellings: Kutalmysh / Qutulmush) was the name of two different personalities in Turkish history, the first having lived in the 11th century and the second 12th century, each of which had a son named Suleyman Shah, and whose descendants founded, respectively, the Sultanate of Rum and the Ottoman Empire.

[edit] Sultanate of Rum

The Seljuk Kutalmısh was a cousin of Toğrül Bey (Toghrul Begh) and played a vital role in the conquests of the Seljuk Turks. He supported a rebellion against Toğrül and contested the succession to the throne with Alp Arslan. His son, Suleyman I of Rûm, was appointed Sultan of Rûm by Malik Shah I in 1073.

Preceded by
Sultan of Rûm Ancestor
Succeeded by
Suleyman I

[edit] Ottoman Empire

The 12th century Kutalmış was the ancestor of Osman I, founder of the Ottoman state, the grandfather of his father Ertuğrul and the father of his grandfather Suleyman Shah. He was the son of Gündüz Alp.

Preceded by
Pre-Ottoman ruler
Succeeded by
Süleyman Shah

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